About the Department

The Horticulture sector plays an important role in the State and contributes significantly to the State Economy and is a source of livelihood for 33 lac population. About seven lakh families are directly or indirectly involved and depend on the Horticulture Sector.

J&K State has been declared as Agri Export Zone for Apples and Walnut. Horticulture is the important contributor to SGDP. The production of 1.83 MTs in 1972-73 has risen to the level of 24.94 LMTs with turnover of s. 6000.00 crore approximately during 2015-16. Horticulture sector also provides jobs to other related trades such as fertilizer, pesticides, Agriculture machinery, traders and processing of fruits, etc. The Department of Horticulture Planning and Marketing provides timely market feedback and guide the fruit growers in marketing, handling of post-harvest operation/activities in order to face the market challenges.

Horticulture development is one of the thrust area and a number of programmes are being implemented, resulting in the generation of higher incomes in the rural areas, thereby improving the quality of life in villages.

The variety of Horticultural products of the State has earned world-wide fame because of its good quality and taste.

The growth of horticulture sector can be attributed to various initiatives taken by the Government.

» Introduction of improved verities, mechanization etc.
» Establishment of fruit mandies
» Technological support, awareness and
» Publicity initiatives and research/extension etc.

The Horticulture is one of the important sectors of the State which undertakes the development of horticulture. The sector contributes immensely to strengthen the financial condition of the State, poverty alleviation, employment generation and is a core sector of Jammu and Kashmir agriculture. The variety of horticultural products of the State has earned world-wide fame because of its good quality and taste. The fruit crops grown in the state are apple, almonds, walnuts, pears, cherries and apricots in temperate areas and mango, citrus, litchi, papaya, guava etc. in subtropical areas. Saffron cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir is unique in the world.

Realizing the importance of Horticulture sector in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the Horticulture Department has recently been separated from Agriculture Production Departmentat the Secretariat level.A separate full flagged Department of Horticulture is being established in order to give focused attention on the horticulture sector, which is the backbone and symbol of flourishing economic condition of the State.

The Department is presently utilizing the services of some officers of Agriculture Department from Planning, Finance and Legal side for its smooth functioning till the required numbers of officers are provided.

At the Secretariat level, the Horticulture Department is headed by the Secretary to the Government who is assisted by the following Officers:

  1.    Director Finance, Horticulture Department
  2. .  Additional Secretary, Horticulture Department.
  3. .  Deputy Secretary, Horticulture Department.
  4.     Deputy Director (P&S), Horticulture Department.
  5.     Senior Law Officer, Horticulture Department.
  6.     Under Secretary, Horticulture Department.
  7.    Assistant Director (P&S), Horticulture Department.
  8.    Clerical staff

The Department has the following Subordinate Officers/HODs:

  1. Directorate of Horticulture (Planning and Marketing),J&K.

  2. Directorate of Horticulture, Jammu.

  3. Directorate of Horticulture, Kashmir.

Besides, the Department has one Corporation namely J&K Horticulture Marketing Produce Corporation Private Limited (JKHMPC).

Directorate of Horticulture Department, Jammu/Kashmir

At the Divisional level, the Department is headed by Director Horticulture, one each at Jammu and Kashmir. The Department has a network of officers and experts at the district level headed by the Chief Horticulture Officer assisted by District Horticulture Officer and subject matter specialist offering technical guidance/expertise to the farmers.

A district is generally divided into horticulture zones, each zone is headed by Horticulture Development Officer assisted by Horticulture Technicians and Gardeners, looking after the affairs of the zone and providing technical knowhow/guidance to the farmer’s community at the gross root level, for management of orchards, its establishment and plant protection measures for quality production of fruit crops.

The Department undertakes following various activities/programmes for the farmer’s community:

  • Area expansion Programme.
  • Rejuvenation of old and senile orchards.
  • Implementation of Plant protection measures.
  • Strengthening of irrigation infrastructure.
  • Strengthening of Farm Mechanization.
  • Awareness and trainings for the capacity building of farming communities.
  • Propagating of quality planting material in the departmental nurseries.
  • Conservation and dissemination of germ plasm.
  • Popularization of Protected cultivation.
  • Popularization of organic farming.
  • Providing incentives to the Entrepreneurs for establishment of Food Processing units/C.A. Storage under Post Harvest Management.

Directorate of Horticulture Department,(Panning & Marketing) Jammu & Kashmir

The Directorate of Horticulture Planning &Marketing is playing important role in facilitating the marketing of fruits and vegetables from the state to other parts of the country/experts.

The role/objectives of the Department areas:

  • to establish/develop/maintain fruit & vegetable markets in the production zones of the state, improving marketing connectivity within and outside the state and quick dissemination of market intelligence amongst growers/traders.
  • facilitation of fruit supplies directly from mandis to potential domestic markets and exports to other countries like Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • providing a platform for the growers to sell their products in the potential areas to avoid exploitation of thetraders/middleman.
  • development of market infrastructure in the form of mandis, cold storage, grading and packing line, cold chain and processing industries.
  • to formulate plan and monitor scheme/programmes for promotion of marketing Horticulture produce.
  • to conduct market studies and surveys relating to demand,supply and export of horticulture/agriculture produce.

The Department is performing the above activities through 413 well-trained and dedicated officers comprising one Director, one Joint Director assisted by 22 Area Marketing Officers at District level, 36 Assistant Grading Marketing Officers and 103 Marketing Inspectors within and outside the state. The offices are also located outside the state like Delhi, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jaipur, Lukhnow, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Kolkatta, Patna and Hyderabad.

Jammu and Kashmir Horticulture Produce Marketing & processing Corporation Private Limited.

The Jammu and Kashmir Horticulture Produce Marketing & processing Corporation Private Limited is established to promote production, packing & grading, processing and marketing of fruits and its related products. The Corporation is presently going through tough times. The Department has constituted a Committee under the chairmanship of Director Horticulture (P&M) vide Government Order No. 367-Agri of 2015 dated 02.12.2015 for revival/merger of JKHPMC Private Limited with Horticulture (P&M) Department. The Committee has submitted its report which is under examination in the Department

As per the horticulture census 1999-2000, about 55% of the area is covered under apple.

Seasonal variations coupled with floods of September 2014 resulted in loss to the horticultural sector during 2014-15.

The production of Apple (a major crop) increased from 1.73 MTs per ha to 10-12 MTs and a turnover of Rs. 5000.00 crore was reported during 2013-14.

14.79 Lac MTs. fresh and dry fruit exported during the year 2015-16 valuing about 6000.00 crore.

Area under Fruits in J&K State has increased from 2.95 lakh hectares in 2007-08 to 3.57 lakh hectares in 2015-16 (estimated). The production increased from 16.36 lac MTs in 2007-08 to 24.94 lakh MTs in 2015-16.

The area and production during the last five years are:-

Year Area Production Productivity
(Lakh Ha) (Lakh MTs) Per Hect.
2010-11 3.25 22.22 6.83
2011-12 3.42 21.61 6.32
2013-14 3.55 21.17 5.96
2014-15 3.56 17.12 4.76
2015-16 3.38 24.94 7.38

Exports during the last 5 years are as under:-

Year Fresh Fruits (Apple(95%), Pear, Cherry, Apricot & Peach etc. (in LMT) Walnut Fresh (in LMT)
2011-12 10.54 0.19
2012-13 11.76 0.18
2013-14 11.92 0.18
2014-15 12.55 0.15
2015-16 14.58 0.14